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You are probably aware of the miracle bacteria that is going to help you boost your metabolism, help you lose weight and increase your energy levels.

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The number 1 reason why people do not see mind blowing results is that they unexpectedly run out before they have had a chance to do all of their work.

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Why Missing Just One Day of Total Gut Solution can
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By now you are aware that the bacteria in your stomach is responsible for controlling how your body breaks down the food you eat…

Affecting how your body processes the carbs, fats and proteins.

This also controls how fast your metabolism operates and ultimately controls how many calories your body burns.

However, it’s not your stomach where the “healthy bacteria” must be.

It’s in your small intestines…

So the bacteria must survive your harsh stomach acid.

And the truth is that although we have the most advanced pill to protect against the breakdown caused by your stomach acid…

It doesn’t prevent it 100%

So by the time the healthy bacteria gets to your small intestines…it’s in limited quantity.

Then once it gets to your small intestines…it takes time for your body to accept the “new microbiome” in your intestines.

Its as if a foriegn object entered your body…your body needs time to adapt.

So when you stop taking the probiotic…

Your body thinks that it’s not something that’s suppose to be in your intestines and then will quickly get rid of it.

See, Even Missing Just One day of your energy providing, fat-melting and gut healing routine can make you lose an ENTIRE MONTH’S worth of progress….so DON’T risk running out!

Since here…at applied science…

We want to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied (remember our 60 day money back guarantee? Yep that
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