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Enjoy The Golden Ratio Of Herbs And Superfoods In A “Done-For-You” Detox Tea To Give You Limitless Energy, Support Good Health And Supercharge Your Metabolism To Help You Lose All Your Unwanted Body Fat.

Hi there, Mike here – I want to be the first to congratulate you again on making the smart decision to invest in yourself and Total Gut Solution. My team is about to send you a confirmation email and it should only take about 2-3 minutes.

Now, as you Total Gut Solution is the one and only solution trusted by thousands and backed fully by breakthrough studies to support your gut health..


Have you ever thought about what about the other elements in your life like:

-Getting all the nutrients your body needs

-Support a healthy inflammation reponse in your body

-Lock in and protect your results

After all, you may be thinking what happens after you finish taking Leptitox…


Here at applied science nutrition we dedicate our selves to giving you all the solutions that you need.

So the Team at Applied Science Nutrition Spent Years Researching exactly what Nutrients you need to develop a highly effective detox tea that is packed full of detoxifying nutrients and superfoods to help LOCK IN your weight loss results. It uses a very special golden ratio of herbs that has been used by ancient asian civilizations for the past 1425 years.


If you want to supercharge your life, restore your energy levels, feel decades younger and help you lose your stubborn body fat in just 30 seconds a day without a single workout or diet then you need to pay close attention.

Because I am about to reveal something that takes only 30 seconds a day that will change your life…and help you experience the mind blowing transformations that my over 21,375 clients and I have gone through….

Effortlessly Enjoy All The Benefits Of The Golden Ratio Of Super Foods By Simply Mixing A Spoonful Of The Done For You Golden Ratio Detox Tea Into Your Glass Of Water

You see most grocery stores are supplied by corporate growers and they often pick their produce and herbs before they are ripe to maximize shelf life.

These companies allow the fruit to “ripen” during transport.

Research has shown that this reduces the quantity of nutrients by 63.7%.

This done for you solution is sourced from local farmers that pick the herbs after they fully ripened on the stem.

This will allow you to enjoy the FULL benefit of the Golden Ratio of Herbs by simply adding a spoonful of the Golden Ratio Detox Tea into your glass of water.

Yep. It’s that simple and takes only 5 seconds and….

The Golden Ratio Detox Tea Will Allow Your Body To…

  • Feel energized, reduce fatigue and reinvigorate your vitality to that of a 20 year old
  • Supercharge your metabolism using the same golden ratio found the original Lean Body Hacks.
  • Support your immune system to better improve your health.
  • Wake-up full of vibrant and full of youthful energy.
  • Support healthy bones to support healthy joints to enjoy a complete range of motion so you may move like you did in your 20’s.
  • Improve sleep so those grumpy, foggy-headed days disappear.
  • And support a healthy metabolism and digestion to make weight management a breeze.

And best of all…

All you need to is wake up, mix 1 scoop of the LBH Golden Ratio Detox Tea with your glass of water to enjoy a glass of this delicious tea to…

Give Your Body Limitless Energy Supercharge Your Metabolism And Make Losing Body Fat As Simple As Mixing A Scoop Of This Detox Tea Every Morning

After over 3 years of research and $354,000 invested into new technology….please allow me to introduce you to….

Golden Ratio Detox Tea

Done-For-You Metabolic Boosting And Gut Health Supporting Detox Tea Blend Made With The Golden Ratio Of Herbs Using The patented Ultra Low HydraTemp™ Refining Process That Maintains A 98.9% Yield Of Nutrients

One major problem with most other tea manufacturers is that they evaporate the water from the herbs using extreme high temperatures. The problem with this is that it destroys the nutrients leaving you with nothing!

And that’s how we developed the Ultra Low HydraTemp™ process to bring you the Golden Ratio Detox Tea.

We’ve Taken The Ultimate Golden Ratio Of Herbs And Superfoods To Give You Give ….Optimized Energy, Support Good Health And Supercharge Your Metabolism…

With just 1 scoop you will get…

Lean Body Hacks Golden Ratio of Herbs

We’ve included the most commonly enjoyed golden ratio of herbs in this detox drink. Includes a perfectly balanced amount of turmeric, Cloves, Ginger, Cardamom pods, and honey as a sweetener. We have taken all the trouble of finding these herbs for you by sourcing them directly from their natural habitats. These herbs are picked at their ripest and then immediately dried and packaged.

Turmeric Root

Turmeric is consider a “superfood”. It supports a healthy inflammatory response and contains an active ingredient called curcumin. It’s a powerful antioxidant that helps support your gut health. It’s also used to support muscle recovery from exercise as well as support weight management.

Ginger Root Root

Ginger is another powerful root superfood that has several gut health benefits.It also supports a healthy immune system by warming your body from within and is highly recommended to consume when sick!


Bifido Probiotic

In your intestines there are bacterial to help break down the food you eat so that you can properly digest your food. Without these bacteria you will have gut health issues. Bifidus is a beneficial bacteria that is key to supporting a healthy digestive system that will help you support your overall gut health.


Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are an asian mushroom that support a healthy inflammatory response. It’s one of the ingredients in the golden herbal ratio as research has shown that just 5 grams of dried shiitake mushrooms have been shown to support healthy blood pressure levels already within normal ranges. Supplementation has also been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response and interleukin function (1).


The concentration of protein and vitamins in spirulina has led many experts to classify it as, “The most nutrient dense food on the planet.”
In other words, it covers nutritional bases like no other food out there!
Preliminary evidence suggests spirulina is remarkably potent at supporting overall brain and liver health. And just 1-8 grams of spirulina daily can reduce fat cells in the body by up to 10-15%! (2)

Acai Berry

These berries are loaded with a TON of antioxidants and nutrients that support health health. Acai Berries have also been shown to support skin health and can provide you with a more youthful appearance.


Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is considered to be one of the top superfoods to this day. It contains a surprising amount of vital nutrients your body can’t do without. Dozens of studies on wheatgrass show that its benefits include:

– Promoting a healthy metabolism
– Maintaining blood sugar levels
– Helping with sleep
– Supporting a healthy immune system
– Supports a healthy inflammatory response.



Parsley is a powerhouse herb that is jam packed with vitamins. It’s packed with vitamins A, B, C and K and these vitamins are vital to your blood sugar levels. It helps support your immune system function, supports a healthy inflammatory response, supports healthy blood vessels and research has shown numerous other health benefits

Coconut Water

This natural refreshment is high in potassium and assists in the transport of all of the other ingredients throughout the blood-stream. It’s high in electrolytes and helps hydrate your body quickly.


Camu Camu

Camu Camu is a small fruit that is grown deep in the amazonian forests. However, due to how perishable it is (it becomes rotten within 12 hours). It’s practically impossible to find in USA or Europe. It is a vitamin C powerhouse as it has the highest concentration of natural Vitamin of any plant. It contains a mineral that is essential in enzymatic reactions in your stomach. This supports your gut health and helps your body breakdown foods to be used as energy & not stored as fat

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I bet you must be thinking to yourself “Wow Mike all that in one detox tea? That must be expensive”


What if I told you that it costs less than a cup of coffee every day?

….and with just one cup a day you can SPEED UP and PROTECT your results!!


And this is because i’ve convinced our accounting team that for NEW Total Gut Health Customers ONLY….

We can give you the biggest discount on this product ever.

Get The Golden Ratio At The CHEAPEST Price It Will Ever Be To Speed Up Your Fat Loss By 273% To Build The Lean And Fit Body So You Can Experience The Life That You Desire And Deserve Forever Without A Single Worry About The Dreaded Rebound Weight

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And guess what?

That company wide 60 day money back guarantee…

Yep that applies here too!!

This Insane Offer Will NEVER Be Available Again. After You Leave This Page You Will Pay $99 A Bottle.

‘NO THANKS, Mike. I don’t need to accelerate my results. I pass on this one time only chance to get The Golden Detox Ratio Tea even though I know I will have to pay full price later.’

Look, In Case You Had Any Last Minute Concerns, I’ve Taken The Time To Answer Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions (Click The Question To Reveal The Answer)

Question 1 - How does this work?
The LBH Golden Ratio Detox is a unique combination of ingredients that work together in order to do 4 main things:

Suppress appetite, kickstart the metabolism, supports healthy blood pressure levels, and make losing belly fat feel effortless.
Each individual ingredient plays a unique role in this process.
With this formula, you never have to starve yourself or suffer through another diet.
It comes in a simple capsule you can take twice a day and enjoy with a glass of water.

Question 2 - Does this work for men and women Over 40?
Yes Absolutely! This all natural drink is suitable for both men and women to rebalance your metabolic hormones so you will not only get the benefit of weight control, you’ll also feel more healthy and energetic.
Question 3 - Will This Help me effortless lose weight?
Yes! The fact is if you are like most people you are not getting enough of the nutrients that your body needs. Even worse, your body is not being optimized as your gut may be compromised from all the processed food and the environment that you live in.

The golden ratio of herbs used in the Detox Tea is specifically designed to help aid gut health, support a healthy inflammatory response so you can effortlessly lose weight without a single change to your diet or exercise.

Question 4: How is this Golden Ratio Detox different from other detox tea’s?
This Detox Tea uses a special golden ratio blend of ingredients that is not available anywhere else. With this combination of the spices unknown to other companies along with a focus on 100% freshness we ensure maximum health benefits.

This green is 100% GMO free and safe for vegans or vegetarians and of course Detox Tea is manufactured and distributed from the United States of America.

Here’s our product label and ingredients list so you can take a look for yourself.
Question 6: Is this product natural?
Yes. It’s made with completely 100% organic and 100% non GMO verified all natural vegetables and spices.

In fact, the vegetables and spices are picked at their optimal time and immediately packaged so you get their 100% full power.

Question 7: Does this really work? How?
You simply wake up, and take 1 scoop of the Lean Body Hacks Detox Tea and mix it with 2 glasses of water and then enjoy a delicious cup of the healthiest detox tea available.
Question 8: How much should I take?
It is recommended you take 1 Scoop a day in the morning.
Question 9: Can I take this with other supplements?
Yes. While the Lean Body Hacks Detox Tea will cover many of your needs, it is also a great addition to any supplement regimen you already have.
Question 10: Should I restrict what I eat with this?
Absolutely not. If you follow the 21 day Lean Body Hacks guide, it outlines exactly what you need to do to lose 1-2- pounds every day while enjoying all your favourite foods so you don’t need to count calories or reduce your feed in-take.
Question 11: Does this work for men and women of any age?
Yes! However, it’s specifically designed for men and women over 40 because of the way the unique golden ratio of spices interacts with your hormones, but it will work for people of any age gender of body type. This includes people in their 60’s 70’s and 80’s.
Question 12: Is there a guarantee?
Yes! I guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled with your results or you can return your bottles for a 100% refund. When you order your Lean Body Hacks Detox Tea today, I take on all the risk… I’ve made it so that you have absolutely nothing to lose.

If you want to return it, simply send your unopened bottle with your order number to:

Lean Body Hacks
37 Inverness Drive East Suite 100
Englewood, CO 80112

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